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A Couple Things…

Big news in sports this week.  Evidently, the NFL is going to start flagging players for using racial slurs on the field, to the tune of a 15 yard penalty, as part of the rules against abusive language.  This seems to have come as a result of publicity about bullying in the Miama Dolphins’ locker room.  Here’s the thing, or things:

Language is Ever Changing

A while back, I had a post in which I argued that calling an oppressive system a “Patriarchy,” when it’s not one in any discernible way, creates an anti-male bias in one’s head, because it connect the idea of maleness (“Pater” is “Father” in Latin) with a nameless, faceless, oppressive enemy, who is the source of all one’s problems.  This happens much in the same way the word “gay” being used to describe unpleasant things creates an anti-gay bias, and calling women as a whole “bitches” makes one subconsciously mistreat women.

That said, “gay” once meant only “happy.”  “Bitch” only referred to female dogs, and calling a human one would be so contextually inconsistent as to be tantamount to gibberish.  “Patriarchy” was once used to describe genuinely patriarchal governmental systems, as opposed to being a catch-term to distract people from being oppressed by an Oligarchy.

The same goes for racial slurs.  Everyone knows the tired trope of “if black people can call each other ‘nigger’, why can’t everyone else use the word?”  Right?  It gets used all the time, and the response is often that black people use it to take the power from the word, and thereby make it less dehumanizing overall, giving the word less oppressive power over them.  And, to be honest, that actually makes some form of sense to me.  My first choice would be that anyone use whatever words they want, and my second choice would be that no one use “nigger” except to reference the term itself (more on that later), but as third choices go, I’m fine with the “black people can say it and white people can’t” argument.

But the fact is that the usage of that one word has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and will continue to do so.  Eventually, it will carry none of the weight it did in the antebellum south, or during the 1960’s, or even today.  Words change, and outlawing them will not change that.  Frankly, if people can’t say one thing, they’ll find a way to say it without saying it anyway.  Because…

Context is Everything

I don’t use racial slurs.  I find them coarse and ignorant and I just have no use for them.  Well, almost.  You see, Louis CK has a point when he says that saying “N-Word” is the same as saying “Nigger.”

In both cases, the listener knows what word or idea you’re referring to, so they are effectively the same.  They’re synonyms.

There’s really no difference between saying “Bob called Joe a nigger,” and “Bob called Joe the N-word.”  If you’re offended by the usage in that context, you’re over-sensitive and you need a better understanding of how language works.

That said, it is always wise to avoid calling anyone by derogatory terms (unless involved in some kind of S&M degradation role-play, in which case, you should know where your lines are).  But it should apply across the board.

What I’m getting at is that the context of when you use a word has a lot to do with whether or not it’s offensive.  And more importantly, the things you say have meaning not because of the arrangement of consonant and vowel sounds, but because of the meaning heaped on them in the context of when the words are being said.

I mean, come on.  It wasn’t called “sex in the daytime,” but who doesn’t know what “Afternoon Delight” was about?  But the most important thing is this…

The NFL Has ABSOLUTELY ZERO Room to Even Talk About Racism

Until they force Daniel Snyder to change the name of the fucking Washington Redskins, I don’t want to hear anyone in the NFL front office say a God damned thing about players using racial slurs.  Fuck you people.  Take the beam out of your own eyes, douchebags, before giving anyone shit about the speck in their own.  The hypocrisy here is pungent enough that the normal bullshit about supposedly supporting “player safety” is white lilac and fresh linen by comparison.

Sometimes, I just don’t fucking understand people…


Defense Wins Championships

Especially when the other team flat gives the game away, gift-wrapped and scented with perfume, in the first quarter.

Honestly, as a lifelong Broncos fan, I have seen some pretty ugly Superbowl losses.  I watched Phil Simms put up an 88% completion rate in 1987.  I saw Doug Williams and the Redskins score 35 points in one quarter in 1988.  I saw Joe Montana’s 49’ers crush my home team 55-10 in 1990, still the record for the biggest blowout in Superbowl history.

But those Broncos teams were in the championship due solely to last-minute heroics by (still) the greatest quarterback to ever don the blue and orange.  In truth, as a team, they had no business being there in the first place, and were only in those games due to the very best of luck.

This is different.  This was the most prolific offense in history.  This was a defense that, while not at the top of the league, was gelling and playing great at exactly the right time.  This was a super-talented, high-flying, unbelievably great football team.

And they gave up.

They gave up before the game started.  Obviously, before they even finished the national anthem.

The Seahawks came prepared to play.  The Broncos, well, they showed how prepared they were on the very first offensive snap.  A play that scored Seattle’s first points because, for some reason, it wasn’t important to them to get the fucking snap count right.

And it was all down hill from there.

I should have known.  I talk endlessly with friends about the importance of solid, smashmouth football.  Of good defense.  Of running the ball.  Of attitude and swagger.  That football, when it comes down to it, is a game of who’s tougher, not faster or prettier or has more finesse.

The Seahawks had it, the Broncos didn’t.  And no one but the Broncos players and coaching staff are to blame.

Way to go, guys, you embarrassed your loyal fans in the worst way possible, on the biggest stage possible.  I’ll be lucky if I can ever get my kids to take on my fandom now.

At the beginning of the season, I picked the Seahawks to win it all (though I figured they’d be beating New England, to be honest).

Sometimes, I hate being right.

Bill Belichick says Wes Welker deliberately took out Aqib Talib

Nothing warms my heart like sour grapes from Bill Belicheat. Because we all know that when you want someone to intentionally injure a guy, you send the smallest player on the field after him, right?

For The Win

In his postgame press conference on Sunday, Bill Belichick was his usual gruff self. The New England Patriots coach gave short answers to good questions, shorter answers to silly ones and didn’t talk much about the injury to his best cornerback, Aqib Talib, other than to say it was a “key” loss and that he’d have to review the game film before speaking more about it.

In the 13 hours since then, Belichick watched the tape and in a Monday morning press conference back in New England, Belichick said he believes Talib’s injury was because of a dirty pick by Wes Welker, the former Patriots wide receiver who signed with the Broncos last year. His statements are as barbed as any you’ll hear from an NFL coach calling out another player.

“One of the worst plays I’ve seen. It was a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib…

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Superbowl Bound!

In case you didn’t know, I am a HUGE Broncos fan, and I can’t even begin to tell you how stoked I am to see the end of the second longest Superbowl drought in franchise history.  Plus, it’s pretty awesome to be going up against the Seahawks, who I grew up with as a division rival in the AFC west.  I imagine there will be more to come on the upcoming game, so keep an eye out.

And to Nick, my buddy in Seattle:  It’s on, brother.



Bo Burnham: From God’s Perspective

The perfect song for this time of year.  Especially the part about eating pork.

Bo released his latest album/special, what., for free on Netflix and YouTube this month.  Definitely worth watching.

Basket Balls

Not that he really needs it from me, but I am compelled to give Washington Wizards Jason Collins serious fucking props today.  It takes guts to come out, for just about anyone, I’m certain.  But anyone who’s ever been in a locker room knows, it takes some 765lb brass cojones to come out as a professional athlete.

Good on you, Jason.  Here’s hoping your example of strength gives people everywhere, regardless of sexual orientation or anything else, inspiration and the courage to be who they are, and never allow anyone to degrade or shame them for it.


And Now For Something…

Utterly hilarious!  At least, my kids and I think it is.  Enjoy!