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Lest You Had Any Doubt…

In case you were wondering why people in general, especially non-white people,  and non-white men in particular, don’t trust police, I suggest you watch this.

To recap: Luis Rodriguez goes to the movies with his wife, Nair, and their 19-year-old daughter.  Outside the theater, Nair gets into an argument with the daughter, it gets heated, and Nair slaps her.  Bystanders called the police, who then proceeded to beat Luis Rodriguez to death.

Now, I know that most police are just doing their jobs, and by and large police interaction with citizens doesn’t go sideways like this incident did.  But for Christ’s sake, there is simply no excuse at all for this.

Based on the story, which you can read here, the police officers were acting within protocol.  But if this is protocol, then what exactly is not acceptable behavior for these cops?

These five officers should all be tried with murder, plain and simple.


How Do You Know if a Fish is a Serial Killer?

Seems like a strange question, I’ll admit.  But, a couple weeks ago I got each of my girls a goldfish to go into a tank we made together.  My youngest named her fish Lucille.  And after three dead tank-mates, Lucille is still hale and strong.  Something seems fishy about this…

*Yes, I know it’s a bad pun.  But it’s the most terrible puns that I like the best*

Bill Nails It

That said, I’m pretty sure the guy’s got a device in my brain to read my thoughts.