My Real Hero of the Year

Sure, I previously nominated Cory Booker, but I have since thought that over.  My nominee for this year’s best hero is the one and only Michael Hulshof Schmidt, author of the Social Justice for All blog.

The more I think about that Bo Burnham song I posted a few days ago, the more I realize that Michael is exactly the kind of person who makes heaven on earth possible.  We don’t necessarily agree on everything, but his great love for all of humanity is beyond question, and his devotion to seeing the best of life come for all people inspires me to be a more loving and understanding human being.

And if he can make an angry, bitter, self-important prick like me see the light, he has to be pretty god-damned impressive.

So, this year, my vote for Hero of the Year goes to Michael Hulshof Schmidt.  And I wish him and his the very best of holiday seasons.

Cheers to you, Michael, with much love from Will, of The People.


4 responses to “My Real Hero of the Year

  1. Will, I hardly know what to say. I am so honored and humbled here. I am exceedingly grateful for you and your voice for social justice. You are an amazing ally for, not only the LGBTQ community, but for all oppressed peoples.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours,

  2. This is very sweet. It makes me smile. ((Hugs))

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