Strange Days, New Beginnings

It’s been a while since I posted here.  Frankly, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to read any of my favorite blogs or keep up on current events that tend to make me want to rant and rave online (otherwise known as posting a blog entry).

In the last 10 months, I have changed jobs, changed residences, changed marital status, had one of my kids diagnosed with a chronic, incurable (though very fortunately non-fatal) medical condition, and a million other things have come around to create as much drama and complication as you can imagine.

But I have been off here long enough.  I need to get back and start expressing myself in constructive ways, and I find that this is the one that I enjoy the most.  Hopefully, the few of you who took the time to read regularly are still around, and can understand that there will be some changes around here, content-wise.

Oh, I’ll still be making my thoughts on political and social issues known, as I think those are subjects that warrant discussion.  But I hope everyone is fine with this blog also taking the role of my outlet, my catharsis, the place where I can leave the baggage of the day, week, month, whatever.  If not, well, I have nothing to tell you that you don’t already know; you can go read something else.

So, here’s where we are, loyal reader (or readers, in the hopeful assumption there are more than one of you).  I will do my best to have something good up at least once a week.  If I am stuck, or spinning my wheels trying to find something to write about, please be patient.  Hell, I’m more than happy to take suggestions if you want to give them.


That said, I’m off to go handle a few things, business-wise.  But here’s looking forward to the future.


– Will (of The People)


4 responses to “Strange Days, New Beginnings

  1. Your absence was noticed and your voice missed. I’m so terribly sorry about your child’s medical condition and hope you both have the support you need.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    • Michael, I would swear to God if I believed in Him, you make me wish I were gay. Honestly. Whoever you have in your life is extraordinarily lucky to have you. Thank you for the warm welcome back, and your kind thoughts

      • Will, you are so sweet. I was just speaking the truth. Yes, I am exceedingly fortunate to have an amazing life partner. I am convinced you will find a woman to build your life with, as you are putting good energy out into the universe, which makes space for you then to receive good energy.

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