The Tax “Scandal”

So, let me get this straight.  The IRS office in Cincinnatti decided that TEA Party orginizations, known for political action and opposition to taxes, should be targeted for special attention when they applied for tax-exempt status as a non-political charity (they were all approved, by the way).

And somehow this is proof that President Obama is using his office to oppress political opponents?  Sorry, but I don’t see the connection.  Or even know why this is a story.

Of course the IRS targets anti-tax, TEA Party-type groups as suspect when applying for tax exempt status.  Teabaggers applying for tax-exempt status is like NAMBLA applying for a child care license.  Wouldn’t it be wise to suspect the possibility that maybe there’s an ulterior motive?

God damn it.

For a much better, more expansive post on the subject, I recommend Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station.  Enjoy.


2 responses to “The Tax “Scandal”

  1. Yes! This is a NON SCADAL and shame on President Obama for forcing the acting head of the IRS to resign!

  2. I agree the scandal is being overblown. But the IRS dragged its feet for so long, and was so in-your-face with its questioning, that it may as well have denied exemption. Don’t get me wrong — I agree the IRS should scrutinize political orgs disguised as nonprofits, esp. when those ogr funnel tons of money into elections. But I think we could lose sight of the $ issue given the way the IRS mishandled things.

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