Lottery Tickets: Stupid or Desperate?

Since Pedro Quezada won over $300 million playing Powerball, I’ve been thinking about something I’ve heard periodically from people who don’t play (like myself, frankly).  People have a tendency to call the purchase of lottery tickets a “stupid tax,” implying that the purchasers are idiots for wasting their money on something they are almost certain never to win.  But the more I think about it, the more I wonder; considering that virtually all the income growth in this country over the last decade or more has gone to an increasingly small number of people, and that while the DOW is on the rise, the only other thing rising as quickly is poverty, maybe the lottery isn’t a “stupid tax,” after all.  Maybe, instead, it’s more accurate to call it a “desperate tax.”  Just a thought, what do you think?


6 responses to “Lottery Tickets: Stupid or Desperate?

  1. Yes, I fear it is a desperate tax. I admit, with some shame, I have purchased lottery tickets, and to no avail and out of desperation.

  2. euromillionsnews

    To be fair, some people are paying $300 tax on monthly basis, don’t think there is anything wrong with spending $20 on a lottery that can help you to win millions

  3. Its a mixture of both. Some people look at is a waste of time because of the HUGE LUCK it takes to win it and why not spend a petty amount to win a large amount.

  4. Lottery games with jackpots worth less than 8 figures are stupid. How is a measly $500 win on Daily 3 going to make you a millionaire! Your problems will still be here when all is said and done. The big lottery games are desperate, but somewhat rational because “If you choose to be middle class, you will eventually be poor because of the growing trend of wealth disparity in this world” (Donald Trump paraphrased).

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