Influenza is a Bitch

Home today with the flu.  Not a bad cold, not a 24 hour bug, God damned influenza.  The disease that’s killed more people than any other communicable disease in human history.  Body aches, fever, vomiting, swollen throat, diarrhea, is there anything this horrible virus doesn’t do to you?  If you ever needed proof that God either doesn’t exist, or hates each and every one of us, try the flu.

Anyway, since I’m home, I figured I should put something up.  Enjoy,


2 responses to “Influenza is a Bitch

  1. Oy! Will, I hope you get to feeling better soon! Let us hope it is a short lived flu.

  2. Thanks, Michael. I will be ok, I’m sure, being relatively young and healthy. But until I get over it, all I can say is that influenza will straight fuck you up.

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