Best Speech of the DNC: Joe Biden

It’s got to be tough to be sandwiched between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama giving a speech.  But I have to say, the best speech of the whole DNC had to be Joe Biden.  There’s a reason he’s on the ticket, and it’s clear what that reason is.  I also love that he went with Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher” as his intro music.  Something about that just fits.  Enjoy.



4 responses to “Best Speech of the DNC: Joe Biden

  1. Will, you are such a generous and kind man. I enjoyed Biden’s speech, but I have to say that Michelle Obama’s speech won it hands down for me.

    • That was a great one, for sure. I may be biased towrd Biden because, for whatever reason, I just relate to him more, Those conversations he mentioned, at the foot of your kid’s bed, holding them tight and telling them that things are tough but will be ok, are conversations I’ve had all to often. I like and respect all the other speakers, really, but Biden’s just struck a chord with me.

      In any case, the speakers at the DNC were WAY better than the RNC. I suppose having the ability to read and write has something to do with writing and giving good speeches, though. Otherwise you just end up yelling at an empty chair

  2. Will, that makes perfect sense. I probably (strange though it may be) over identify with Michelle Obama.

  3. Thank you for posting the VP speech. I missed it last night. It was wonderful! I love Joe Biden.

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