Thom Hartmann is Right About Glenn Beck and Company

Any of you with half a brain who read yesterday’s article on this site know that when Thom Hartmann said this:

He was totally right.

But here is the response from blogger Scott Baker on Beck’s website The Blaze:

“I’ve decided to re-highlight this clip because the more I contemplate it the more sinister it seems to me…  Question to contemplate:  By accusing Beck and Palin of such terrorism, isn’t Hartman himself attempting to active leftist lone wolves into acts of violence against Beck and Palin?”

No, he is not.  At no point does Hartmann claim that Beck, Palin, and their ilk are traitors who absolutely must be stopped for the sake of the nation, followed by the assertion that they can only be stopped via murder.  Does Thom Hartmann insist that people like Beck are opposed to what he (Hartmann) believes makes America great?  Sure, he does.  Does he make calls to action?  Certainly.  And every day, Thom Hartmann gets on the radio and says “…democracy begins with you. Get out there and get active. Tag, you’re it.”  Yup.  That call to action is just like “You will never change their mind… They want to overthrow our entire system of government…  You’re going to have to shoot them in the head.”
Would you like a little more sanctimony with your false equivalency, Mr. Baker?

For more great info on these people, check out The Solipsistic Me.  I dig the site.  I think you will, too.


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