Allow Me to Be Clear…

That last post was intended to be satire.  I intentionally wrote it from the perspective of one of the “Oh Noes!  It’s Teh Gayz!” idiot homophobes to demonstrate just how asinine such a position really is.  For those of you who didn’t get that, let me be as blunt as you obviously need me to be.

I think DADT is a ridiculous policy.  We should demand that all Americans view the LGBT community as equal under the law, and treat them as such.  This is the United States.  We are better than our enemies because of our belief in equality under the law and the freedom to live our lives the way we see fit.  Any law that forces one group of people to live under a different set of rules than the rest of us is not only unconstitutional, but inherently wrong.  Separate is not equal.  DADT must be repealed, immediately.

Clear enough for you?


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