Hello world!

Or maybe not the world, but at least a few free thinkers on the wonderful (and cursed) internet we all love so much.  I am The Will, formerly of “The Will of The People” on http://www.wavnetradio.com.  Sadly, internet radio has yet to really create much mass audience yet and my producer (as well as many others) gave up on the site due to the fact that we all had bills to pay and no time to do daily shows.  That said, I am all too happy to produce a daily blog (ugh, how shallow and 21st century) and will be happy to get into online chats and forums with anyone so long as the debate is spirited and interesting.  Please understand that as a modern-day luddite it is distasteful to me that this must be done on the internet.  I am a practical luddite, though, and must adapt to our changing times no matter certain I am that some of these changes will cause the downfall of this nation I so love.

Just thought I’d get a feel for who’s out there with this poll.  It’s one of my pet topics.  Tune in tomorrow to get into it for real.


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