Damned Commie Bastards Ruined My Health Care!

So it finally happened.  The communists on the far left actually finally succeeded in ruining health care for each and every American citizen.  Is nothing sacred?  Stupid Joe Stalin and Vlad Lenin and all those other commie putzes just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Now I’m going to have all these ridiculous wait times, skyrocketing health care costs, wildly inefficient bureaucracies running the show with their death-panel bean-counters deciding who lives and who dies based on nothing but a bunch of numbers, and my taxes are going to have to foot the bill once again for all those lazy imbeciles on welfare who just can’t get off their asses and work or learn to do without.

Yes, you heard me, health care in the United States is going to stay private.  What’s that you say?  You thought these were problems with public/ national/ socialized health care?  Oh, how wrong you are, my friends.  These problems are as prevalent with private care as any public system, and it costs more to boot.

As an educated, middle-class, middle-American with 2 kids and a double income in the house (you know, the “standard”), I feel pretty comfortable saying that most of my countrymen have roughly the same ability as myself to acquire and utilize health care.  With that in mind I would just like to point out that I have to make my appointments with the doctor as much as four weeks in advance, and an emergency room visit can take a whole day of my precious time.  Is that somehow different from the long wait times everyone is worried about with a socialized system?

So there’s an inefficiency in time, but surely there’s a little more efficiency when it comes to cost, right?  Wrong.  In all, I have paid (just for myself, mind you, not including my kids) roughly $31,000 in health care expenses over the last ten years and have received about 20 visits to a doctor, one trip to the emergency room, and about a dozen prescriptions for antibiotics.  That’s nearly $1500 per trip, and half the time they just looked in my throat, said “it’s a virus” and left, with me returning two weeks later to find that it was in fact NOT a virus.  Except for the emergency room, I have never spent more than twenty minutes being treated by a medical professional.  Even taking a whole day just for the ER, that’s still over $640 per hour for treatments that were effective only about two-thirds of the time.  How’s that for getting your money’s worth?  And don’t tell me we pay more because we have the best doctors in the world.  I have actually seen doctors argue with men over whether or not they should be required to pay for the pap smear on their bill.  We have doctors in congress who admit they were unable to recognize a spouse’s sex organs. And that guy was a Gynecologist!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t determining the sex of a patient or the location of the parts in which you specialize be just about the easiest part of doctoring?  When the World Health Organization places the quality of care in the Unites States below that of Finland and Costa Rica you can’t go around telling people you have the best doctors, because most Americans obviously don’t.

As far as this whole idea that the government is going to force us to have all our decisions made by some impersonal advisory board whose only concern is the bottom line;  what the hell do you think we have now?  Since when do regular people get to choose whatever treatment is right for them with only the input of their doctors?  Do you mean to tell me that Humana, United Health, Cigna, or any of the other health care corporations are more concerned about your health than they are about cost/ benefit analysis?  Of course the bottom line is the most important thing.  It’s a corporation, and a corporation’s entire purpose is to maximize profits and minimize costs.  As far as these “death panels?”  There are no such requirements in any proposal being offered to congress, which is already an improvement over the current system where it becomes deemed impractical to treat someone based on the expense of it.

Finally, let me just point out that while we spent $585 billion on what is currently “socialized” medicine (medicare, medicaid, and SCHIP) in 2008, over $2.4 trillion was spent on private health care.  Of course, that $585 billion only covered 26% of the population with so-called entitlement programs, so we would have to adjust that to cover the entire population.  The total cost, then, would be $2.25 trillion to put everyone on medicare, medicaid, and /or SCHIP.  The savings to the country as a whole, then, would be in the neighborhood of $200 billion if everyone were simply placed on the currently available government health plan(s).  Frankly, I don’t care what the CBO says, I can add for myself.  Seems like a no-brainer to me, especially when you consider that everyone would be covered, rather than roughly 46 million of us being uninsured at any given time.

And can I just add a final point here?  No one else seems to be talking about this, but I actually like the idea that with a state health care system or even just a public option, I would (in theory, anyway) have a say through my vote as to how my health insurance carrier would be operated.  That strikes me as a pretty hefty bonus.

So there you have it.  ALL the current complaints about that evil “socialist” medicine already apply to the private system.  The public systems in place would not only save the taxpayers money and ensure coverage to all citizens, but also allow the citizenry more of a say as to how the health care system is run.  All in all, it’s a better deal.  If only the really scary communists like Lenin and Stalin had never come around, no one would be afraid of “socialized” medicine now.


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